Video: How to walk off what you eat at the Minnesota State Fair

You eat a lot and you walk a lot – but is it enough to burn off what you eat?

There's a lot of good food at the Minnesota State Fair. And it's easy to justify eating all that deep-fried goodness because you're walking a lot, right?

So GoMN's Josette Elieff spent a few hours walking every street of the Minnesota State Fair to figure out how many steps and miles it is around the fair (both her fitness tracker and iPhone clocked in at about 9,000 steps or 4 miles).

Then we looked at some popular fair foods to see how long you'd have to walk to burn them off. Just watch the video above. 

You can learn about some of the foods' nutritional value here, here, and here

As for burning off those beer calories, there's an app for that. Our beer writer, Melissa Turtinen, tried it for three weeks and wrote about it

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