Video: It's Super when Mario arrives on the Treasure Truck

Super Nintendo's Classic Edition sold out fast, but Amazon wheeled in more

There's been drooling. Months of it. 

Nintendo players – especially if they missed out on last year's instantly-gone NES Classic Edition – have been slobbering with anticipation as they awaited release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. 

Their wait ended Friday when SNES Classic arrived, loaded with 21 games from the '90s, including plenty of Donkey Kong and Mario.

The pre-sales went fast back in August and Forbes says many stores around the country sold out soon after opening on Friday. 

We had an advantage in the Twin Cities, though, when Amazon's Treasure Truck rolled into town. 

The mobile pop-up store arrives in select cities, including Minneapolis, with a deal of the day. A text tells members what's on sale and where the Treasure Truck is so they can pick it up. Guess what Friday's deal was.

Dana of GoMN's Morning Show was just getting to know his pre-ordered SNES Classic when he was notified of nearby treasure. See it unfold below:

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