Video: When a man rocks a romper in Minneapolis ... well, people stare

Rompers aren't just for babies and ladies anymore.

Rompers aren't just for babies and ladies anymore.

In case you haven't heard, male rompers are all the rage now – at least on the internet. We really haven't seen the trend hitting the street yet. So we figured, "what the heck," got some rompers, and got out there.

In all honesty, the only person in our office brave enough to rock the romper was our usual cameraman, Zeke.

But he confidently walked throughout Minneapolis wearing a romper he personally bought on his own accord (yes, he actually wears this). And he brought along an extra in case anyone wanted to give it a try. Isn't he thoughtful?

The second romper in the video is actually from a Minnesota-based company called MENPER. A University of Minnesota student hoping to "disrupt the way we wear clothing" just launched it. You can learn more about the Minnesota brand here.

Otherwise, there's also the RompHim which gained a lot attention via it's KickStarter. It had a goal of $10,000 and raised over $350,000.

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