Video: Meet the guy who's decorating Minneapolis with tiny mouse doors

He goes by Mows – which is pronounced like "mouse."

You may have spotted a few tiny, decorated mouse doors around Minneapolis recently. Well, we talked to the guy who's been putting them up – and got to see how he does it.

He goes by Mows (it's pronounced "mouse"), and when he's not sneaking around the Twin Cities putting up little doors for mice, he works in the tech industry. We met him at Modist Brewing in Minneapolis, where he installed two different doors at the request of the brewery – so this time he got to put the doors up in broad daylight. He usually does it early in the morning when no one's around.

Mows put up his first door in November 2015 in Alameda, California, and now his doors can be seen all over the world. He estimates there are more than 300 up around the globe, noting he's gotten requests from European street artists and his friends as far away as Australia to send them doors they can put up in their towns.

So when he moved to the Twin Cities last fall, he decided to start putting them up here, too. And so far, people seemed to have really liked them.

And that's why he does this "attached street art."

"It's all about the fun," Mows told GoMN last month. "I like to place my doors where people will happen upon them. I want them to be a surprise; a moment of delight. Many are in places that people pass through or by. Not destinations and not where people would expect the novelty of seeing them."

Mows posts all of his doors on his Instagram account, Mows510. You can see them here.

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