Video: Minnesota hunter rescues young deer who was stuck on the ice

He calmed the deer down by petting him.

Bambi could have used this hunter when he was stuck on the ice

Darick Kvam, a 20-year-old from New Prague, was hunting near Morris Sunday morning when he spotted a "button buck" (a deer who's younger than a year) who couldn't get off a frozen lake. 

He posted video of the rescue to Facebook, saying he participated in "catch and release deer season." 

The video shows Kvam – dressed in blaze orange with his gun around his shoulder – slowly pulling the young deer to shore by its leg, occasionally stopping to pet the animal on its head. 

When they got near the shore, Kvam picked up the struggling deer and carried it the rest of the way. The deer – still a little wobbly – then ran off. 

Kvam told GoMN he thinks the deer ran out onto the ice when his dad went to his deer stand, probably trying to get away. 

"The hardest part was trying to calm him down," Kvam said, noting he did so by petting the deer.

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