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Video: Swarm chasers are rescuing bees around the state

When bees show up unannounced, Swarm Chasers come to the rescue.

What happens if a swarm of bees decides to set up camp outside your workplace or home?

We all know we're supposed to welcome and save the bees. But all the buzz might start to bug you after a while.

That's why the Minnesota Hobby Beekeeper's Association has on-call swarm chasers. They're like storm chasers, but they go after swarms of bees and bring them to better, safer places.

Last week, Terry McDaniel rescued a group of bees that made themselves at home at an electrical box behind the Be The Match building in Minneapolis. She packed them up, drove them home, and welcomed them to her own backyard – which is basically a bee's paradise.

Check out the video above and click here to learn more.

If you come across a swarm, McDaniel says you should visit the beekeeper's association website ASAP and report it. Because the sooner it's reported, the easier it is to save all the bees.

And if you want to make your yard a better habitat for bees, there are some tips here, here and here. Basically, you want to plant a bunch of flowers (not hybrids though), stay away from pesticides, and avoid keeping your garden too neat and clean.

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