Video: We tried Gluek's, a 160-year-old beer that's making a comeback

"It tastes like beer." – an astute review from one of our producers.

One of Minnesota's oldest beers is back, so naturally we had to try it.

Gluek's Beer was first brewed in 1857 – a year before Minnesota was even a state. The beer survived prohibition, was served to troops in World War II, and survived a few different owners before it was retired in 2010.

“It’s my passion to keep this nostalgic brand alive,” Linda Rae Holcomb, who bought Gluek’s Beer in 2015, told GoMN. “Gluek Beer is back, and here to stay.”

The beer is a traditional German pilsener, so it is golden in color and is a little bit more bitter than some other pilseners. It tastes just like what you considered "beer" when you were drinking in college, but with more flavor than the stuff macrobreweries put out.

Gluek's uses Munich malts and traditional Saaz hobs, and has an ABV of 5.25 percent.

You can get the beer starting Friday in liquor stores, bars and restaurants in the southern half of Minnesota. To read more about Gluek's long history in Minnesota, click here.

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