Video: We tried Insight Brewing's new summer beer – it tastes like a gin and tonic

It makes us wonder what other cocktails could be made into beers.

Insight Brewing in Minneapolis decided to make a gin and tonic-inspired beer, so we just had to try it.

The beer is called Crazy Aunt, and it's very refreshing and will make a perfect day drinking beer this summer (watch the video above for our initial reactions).

Insight's co-founder Ilan Klages-Mundt wanted to make the beer after trying a gin and tonic for the first time last June. He became obsessed with the drink, and worked on deconstructing the flavors – the juniper, coriander, lime and quinine from the tonic – and then used those flavors to make the beer.

"I think the idea of making a beer taste like a cocktail is pretty cool," Klages-Mundt said, noting he believes this is the first gin and tonic beer in the area, but not the first one ever brewed.

Crazy Aunt is easy to drink and is best served very cold to give you the feel of drinking a cocktail (it's the only Insight beer Klages-Mundt would suggest drinking that cold – beers that are served a little warmer help you really taste the flavors, especially in IPAs and porters).

Insight has also come up with a few cocktails that can be made with the beer. You can find the recipes on Insight's website soon.

The beer, which has an ABV of 6 percent, will be released in cans, in bars and restaurants, and in the taproom May 3.

Crazy Aunt is Insight's summer seasonal, and will be available through August.

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