Video: We tried Town Hall's new pink, cherry beer

You can definitely taste the cherries.

Town Hall Brewery has a new cherry-filled beer, so we tried it.

Pitstop Cherry Lager is only available at Town Hall's newest location – Town Hall Station. The "road food" restaurant and craft beer bar opened in Edina last week.

The lager is made with Michigan-grown Balaton cherries, which give the beer a tart, cherry flavor – perfect for drinking in the summer.

You can watch our video review above, or read more about what we thought below:

Producer Melissa Turtinen's review: "It's a refreshing beer that finishes tart and dry. I'm not the biggest cherry fan, as you can see from my reaction in the video, so this wasn't my favorite beer. But I think if I was in the right mood or setting – like outside on a really warm day and not inside in the office when it's raining – I'd definitely try it again. I'd give it a two out of five (see our rating scale below)."

Producer Josette Elieff's thoughts: "I generally like fruitier beers, so I'd totally drink this again. The cherry flavor is pretty strong, but I like that it's more tart than sweet. I think this would be a refreshing beer to drink outside with friends on a warm, summer day. I'd rate this a three out of five."

How we rate the beers we try

Since we do taste tests pretty regularly, we're going to start rating our beers on a scale of 1-5. Here's a breakdown of what that means:

  • 1 – This beer isn't for me, but you should definitely try it. Everyone has different taste buds.
  • 2 – It's OK. I'd try it again.
  • 3 – It's good! If I saw it at a bar, I'd order it.
  • 4 – Yum. I want this beer in my fridge so I can drink it whenever I want.
  • 5 – This beer is amazing. I'd drink it every day.

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