Video: We tried – and rated – 7 Oktoberfest beers from Minnesota

These sweet and malty beers are super popular this time of year.

When you think fall and beer, Oktoberfest comes to mind. 

Oktoberfest- and Marzen-style beers are generally golden or copper in color, with a sweet or malty flavor that generally lacks hoppy and bitterness. 

But even within these specific styles, which originated from Germany and have become increasingly popular in the U.S., these beers can vary.

That's why we're here. Producers Melissa Turtinen, Josette Elieff and Zach McCormick tried seven different Oktoberfest-style beers from Minnesota craft breweries, and rated them based on our 1-5 rating scale to help you decide which ones you might want to drink.

Here are videos with our reviews, plus more details about each beer. 

Der Zug Oktoberfest – Roundhouse Brewery

It's a limited-release beer that's available in the taproom and in liquor stores. 
Alcohol: 5.3 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa, Zach and Josette all gave it a 3.
Melissa's take: "It's not too heavy and malty. It's what you'd expect to see in a stein at an Oktoberfest." 

Oktoberfest – Indeed Brewing

It's described as having an "elegant malt complexity" with notes of bread, biscuit and a slight taste of honey.
Alcohol: 5.7 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Zach gave it a 3, Josette a 2.
Zach's take: "Cleaner, thinner, less bready Oktoberfest." 

Oktoberfest – Omni Brewing

It's a traditional Marzen Oktoberfest lager, described as a "smooth, yet mildly hoppy" beer.
Alcohol: 5.6 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa, Zach and Josette all gave it a 3.
Melissa's take: "It has a little hoppiness to it, which is nice."

Oktoberfest – Schell's Brewing

It's described as having a "soft malt sweetness, pleasant mouthfeel and a slight spiciness." 
Alcohol: 5.5 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Zach gave it a 4, Josette a 3. 
Zach's take: "This would be a great Oktoberfest for you if you generally feel like the style is too heavy and you want an Oktoberfest that's easier drinking, doesn't feel like you're eating a whole loaf of bread."

Docktoberfest Marzen Lager – Excelsior Brewing

It's described as an "amber lager brewed with authentic German malts and hops."
Alcohol: 6.2 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Zach gave it a 2, Josette a 1. 
Zach's take: "Definitely more of a pale ale character on this one. It's got a not particular German taste to it." 

Oktoberfest – Summit Brewing

It's described as having a "rich, toffee malt flavor up front" and a "clean hop finish."
Alcohol: 6.5 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Zach gave it a 4, Josette a 2. 
Zach's take: "It's the perfect representation of how I like the style. .... I love this one."

Oktoberfest Session Marzen – Third Street Brewhouse 

Third Street's beer came in No. 2 on Paste Magazine's list of best Oktoberfest beers last year. 
Alcohol: 4.6 percent.
1-5 rating: Melissa and Josette gave it a 3, Zach a 2. 
Melissa's take: "It definitely tastes lighter than a lot of Oktoberfests ... it would be easy to drink out of a giant stein."

We previously tried Surly's SurlyFest, a not-so-typical Oktoberfest beer. For what we thought of it, click here

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