Video: What zoo animals do when it's 0 degrees outside

You can get really close to the giraffes and zebras.

Heading to the zoo might not be the first thing you think of doing when it's freezing cold outside.

But GoMN thought, "YOLO," and went to Como Zoo on a zero-degree day. We Snapchatted our way through it – just watch the video above – and honestly, it was pretty cool.

There weren't any lines – or many people at all, for that matter. And the giraffes and zebras are indoors, so you can get a really good look at them.

Matt Reinartz, the marketing and public relations manager for Como, told us the only animals you can't see in the winter are the flamingos and tortoises. They're in a separate building and not on display.

Otherwise, the animals that can't stand the cold are all indoors. The animals that love this weather – like the Arctic foxes, polar bears, bison and reindeer – get to enjoy it outside. Of course, they can always warm up indoors too.

If you happen to go when temperatures are above 30 degrees, Reinartz says you might even get to see gorillas playing in the snow.

More people head to the conservatory

Remember, it's Como Zoo AND Conservatory and both are open year-round. Reinartz says a lot of people tend to head to the warm conservatory in the winter months.

When we visited, the ladies accepting donations at the door recommended we warm up in there after walking around the zoo – pretty good idea, huh?

Overall, attendance does dip during the winter months. Numbers are based on donations, so it's not exact. But about 58,700 people went in December, Reinartz said. The numbers don't count whether people went to look at the plants or animals, though.

Compare that to July – the busiest month – when about 331,000 people visited.

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