Video: Which Minnesota wines you should pair with State Fair foods

And this is coming from a sommelier – she knows what she's talking about.

Wine pairs really well with foods from the Minnesota State Fair. 

We were a little skeptical too, so Leslee Miller – a certified sommelier who owns the wine consulting firm Amusée, and Minnesota Wine Country at the Fair – gave us suggestions on wines to pair with State Fair foods.

And we were very impressed (watch the video above). Miller said the key to pairing food and wine is to get a bite of the food in your mouth when you sip the wine to get the full effect.

Here's what Miller recommends: 

Cheese on a stick from Cheese on a Stick

Cheese and apples are BFFs, Miller said, so she had us try the cheese on a stick with Sparkling Apple from St. Croix Vineyard (it's on tap at Minnesota Wine Country). 

The sparkling aspect of the wine helps to lift a lot of the fatty cheese off of your palette, Miller notes. 

Deep-fried avocado from O'Gara's at the Fair

Miller paired the deep-fried avocados with Sogn Blanc from Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls. 

The wine is 100 percent edelweiss grapes (grown in Minnesota), with Miller noting the wine has a "little baby touch of sweetness to it" that goes well with the "greenness of the avocado."

Chicken in a waffle from Blue Barn

The gravy and fried chicken paired great with Snowy White from Falconer Vineyards in Red Wing. 

The Snowy White is made with La Crescent grapes, which have a little touch of sweetness and citrus notes. That helps with the heaviness of the dish. 

Maple Bacon Irish Apple Tipsy Pie from Sara's Tipsy Pies

Frontenac Sparkling Rose from Falconer Vineyards "should be really good friends with the bacon," Miller said. 

The wine adds a third element – a red berry flavor – to the apple and bacon in the pie, creating a delicious combination.

Candied bacon donut sliders from Minnesota Wine Country

Miller said bacon pairs well with pretty much everything, but said this dessert has a touch of sweetness to it. So she'd recommend a dry red, like the Barn Quilt Red from Parley Lake Winery.

And it was delicious – we'd eat it every day. 

Miller said the Frontenac Sparkling Rose would also pair well with the sliders. 

Deep-fried Oreo from Deep Fried Candy Bars

Miller paired the Oreos with Raspberry by Winehaven Winery, a wine made only with Raspberries, no grapes. The idea is that the chocolate from the Oreos would go well with the raspberries in the wine. 

Spoiler: it did.

If you're looking for more pairings with other Minnesota State Fair foods (cheese curds, cotton candy, pronto pups and alligator), check out the tasting we did with Miller last year

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