Walker Art Center reports balanced budget in annual report


The Walker Art Center said in its annual report Wednesday that it has balanced its $19.2 million budget for the 2013 fiscal year ending June 30, Vita.mn reports.

The Minneapolis visual and performing arts center said it reduced operating expenses by about 3 percent this year following a round of staff cuts in the first quarter, which reduced the number of employees from 148 to 140.

Minnesota Public Radio said the cuts amounted to about to about $500,000.

The move upset a trio of film and video interns at the Walker, who quit in protest of the move.

In a public statement after the layoffs, the group reportedly accused museum management of “callous negligence” and “general disrespect towards a longstanding, talented, and loyal staff.”

The Star Tribune said the interns spent a combined total of five years on the Walker staff.

According to Vita.mn, the Walker reported several nonfinancial "measures of success" during the fiscal year, including six organized exhibitions, a half-dozen performing arts commissions and 41 film and video premieres.

Wednesday's report also revealed that the center spent $1 million more than it did in 2012.

The Walker said it had more than 570,000 visitors in 2013. The center's membership remained virtually the same as 2012 with 6,389 members.

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