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Walmart to roll out meal-kits to 2,000 stores

It's jumping on the meal-kit bandwagon.

What's happening?

Walmart is joining the meal-kit revolution.

The grocery giant announced on Monday it'll be rolling out meal kit sets to more than 2,000 of its stores this year, as well as making them available through its grocery pickup service.

They're already available in 250 stores, assembling them fresh in stores every day.

In its statement, Walmart said it recognizes that it's customers "are busier than ever" and notes that getting dinner on the table "can be a chore."

The trend among American dining habits continues to move towards healthier options, but people don't always have the time or motivation to plan out healthy, tasty home-cooked meals on a daily basis.

The convenience factor has played a vital role in the rise of meal-kit services like national giants Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, while the desire for quality, locally-sourced ingredients has sparked the creation of companies like the Twin Cities-based Local Crate.


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What will be in Walmart's meal-kits?

Walmart says its meal kits come in three forms.

The first are pre-portioned sets that will have chopped and measured ingredients ready to cook at home – with meal options including steak Dijon, sweet chili chicken and basil garlic chicken.

It's also got kits that you buy alongside one of its rotisserie chickens, so you can make meals that feature Thai curry chicken and chicken fried rice.

Finally, you can also buy "perfectly-paired" ready-meal options that can be heated up and on the table in less than 15 minutes, with chicken alfredo, cheesy ravioli bake and chicken masala curry among the options.

They feed two people and cost $8 to $15. Walmart also launched a series of larger meal delivery kits and farm crates last year, which you can find here.

Walmart has 69 locations in Minnesota.

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