Want to see 'Minneapolis' the movie? You can help make it happen

The former local broadcaster behind the project needs donations.
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A former local newscaster has turned to online crowdfunding for help realizing a dream she's been chasing for years: making a movie called Minneapolis.

Christine Clayburg isn't a native of Minnesota, but she fell in love with the cold, cold weather after moving to Minneapolis in 2003 to take a job as a meteorologist for WCCO, the fundraising site says

Her experiences as a local broadcaster – and her participation in Bolder Options, a youth mentorship program – would eventually inspire an idea: filming a movie about her adopted hometown, from the perspective of a TV news crew who must mentor an at-risk teen.

This video tells the story behind Clayburg's effort, and gives a pretty good idea of what the movie might look like:

As the video explains, Clayburg actually had a chance to get Minneapolis made by an unnamed producer – but ultimately turned it down, because said producer wanted to shoot the movie in Canada. 

"Screw that," Clayburg writes – she wanted to film it locally. 

That's why she's trying to fund the project through donations. 

Funding Minneapolis

Launched last month on crowdfunding site Seed & Spark, the campaign has so far gathered $5,000 in donations, with a total goal of $8,000.

That leaves just over nine days to raise the remaining money (such deadlines are the norm for online crowdfunding efforts). 

The goal is using the money to pay for the filming of a scene, which would then be shown to potential investors – in the hopes they'll fund a feature-length version, City Pages reports.

Clayburg, by the way, is no stranger to Hollywood productions. You may have seen her playing newscasters in shows such as The Mindy Project, Desperate Housewives, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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