Want to spend a night in jail? It'll cost you $40

The charity event will give participants a taste of life behind bars.
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For $40 you can rent a room via Airbnb, or spend the night in jail.

That's the offer being made by the Chisago County Sheriff's Office, which is hosting an "Overnight Lock-Up" event on May 5 at its new Public Safety Center, ahead of it accepting inmates.

The event serves a purpose other than showing off the new facility however, the main aim of the night is to train Sheriff's Office staff in how to operate the center, qwhile allowing the public to experience jail first-hand.

There's a philanthropic angle too – half of the $40 ticket cost will go towards one of three local charities, with the rest covering the cost of running the event.


– 24 hours in Chisago County, as tweeted by local cops

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And as well as experiencing a night behind bars, participants will get themselves a "souvenir mugshot" for taking part.

Anyone interested in applying must be a resident of Chisago County, be older than 18 and not have a felony level conviction their record.

Those chosen to participate will be selected via a random draw. If you're interested in applying, you can do so here.

This is one night in jail that won't result in a criminal record.

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