Wanted: home for world's greatest collection of ice show artifacts


Surely it would be folly to let this capade slip away.

An 83-year-old man whose Minneapolis photography studio contains the largest known collection of memorabilia from ice skating shows hopes to find a new caretaker for his 26,000 items.

Roy Blakey tells the New York Times he's trying to convince a museum, library, or school to take the assortment of costumes, skates, posters, programs and other artifacts, some of which are more than a century old.

Blakey's website offers an overview of what he calls his Ice Stage Archive. Blakey, who skated professionally for 15 years, describes there how a native of the Oklahoma dust bowl days became fascinated by the spectacle of Sonja Henie sparkling and swirling across the big screen in the 1940's.

The Times reports Blakey has spent thousands for a pair of Henie's skates to add to a collection that's been growing for nearly 70 years. A documentary film produced by his niece, Keri Pickett, pays homage to Blakey's collection and to the golden age of shows such as the Ice Follies and Ice Capades.

The movie, which is called The Fabulous Ice Age, was named "Best of the Fest" at last spring's Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, the Pioneer Press reported.

Blakey spoke with MPR then about the documentary and his experiences with ice shows.

The Fabulous Ice Age will also be part of the upcoming Edina Film Festival, which runs Nov. 6th through 9th.

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