Washington Post reporter that dissed Minnesota tweets a response

David Fahrenthold got the same treatment ESPN did after the Duck, Duck, Goose fiasco.

On Monday, we told you about a Washington Post reporter who (foolishly) thought it was a good idea to diss Minnesota.

David Fahrenthold, who has a Pulitzer Prize, quickly learned his lesson, as Minnesota Twitter began hounding him relentlessly. (We're assuming these are the same people who went crazy over the Vikings' Duck, Duck, Goose fiasco.)

On Tuesday afternoon, Fahrenthold tweeted something of a response:

What does it mean? We think it could be one of two things:

Either Fahrenthold has a hit list of states he plans to insult, Minnesota was at the top, and so – feeling he completed his task – crossed us off to move on to the next one. Wyoming, get ready.

Or, the non-confrontational anger from Minnesotans was so powerful that he's removing the state from his list of places to insult – because he now knows, clearly it's a bad idea to go there with us.

Of course the best way to make it up to everyone here is, ya know, buy a house and uproot your entire life to move here. Right, Christopher Ingraham?

Fahrenthold has been a dogged reporter covering the Trump family and their business interests – you can read all his Washington Post pieces here.

His coverage, which cast doubt on how charitable President Donald Trump has actually been, earned him the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting this year.

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