Watch: 6 videos that show Prince's funny, captivating personality


The extraordinary musical performances of Prince are well-chronicled – but there are a few clips out there of Prince just being Prince, well worth watching even if you're not a huge Prince fan.

Here are a few of them.

Prince dresses up as Bryant Gumbel

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In 1997, Prince surprised Bryant Gumbel for his birthday on "Today" – even dressing like the TV anchor. And he's very funny in the clip.

21 years old on "American Bandstand"

Prince appeared on "American Bandstand" as a 21-year-old in 1980 (though he says in the clip he was 19). And gives host Dick Clark a little bit of a hard time.

The video above includes interview cuts, but there's a full, unedited clip here you can watch that shows off more of his personality. The Dick Clark interview is about 4 minutes in. (It doesn't embed, sorry, otherwise we'd put it here.)

Prince surprises 'The View' – then runs away

Prince chats for a couple minutes – until things get awkward when Sherri Shepherd talks about her, um, crush on the music icon.

Prince's long talk with Larry King

In December of 1999, Prince gave a lengthy interview to Larry King – one of the few long interviews available still. He talks about his career, his music, his name change and more.

A guest appearance on 'New Girl'

Maybe the most memorable scene from the episode of "New Girl" that Prince guest starred on is the reaction (seen above – headphone users beware). He was apparently a huge fan of the show.

He's really good on the full episode, where he plays a pivotal role – the series is on Netflix, and it's episode 14 of season 3 – and the episode is worth watching even if you don't care about the show.

Prince chats with Chris Rock ... about Michael Jackson

Prince got the comedian to really crack up a few times.

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