Watch: Creepy baby doll in MN tunnel scares the crap out of 2 people

It's late at night and you come across a one-eyed baby doll and teddy bear – yeah, kind of scary.

What would we do if we came across a teddy bear and a one-eyed baby doll in a tunnel at 2 a.m.?

Not sure. But it might not be far off from what these two women did when encountering that exact thing in Minneapolis – screaming and running away. Check out this YouTube video (and you need sound, but be careful if you've got headphones in):

So what exactly was going on? Here's the description:

"While shooting footage for a music video in a parking garage tunnel at 2am, two women unknowingly walked onto the 'set.' They saw the bear first, which was standing with the help of a wire exo-skeleton. Then they noticed me puppeteering the one-eyed baby doll slowly toward them. I tried to say, 'Hey, don't mind me -- shooting a music video,' but all I got out was 'H-' before they started screaming and ran away."

The video got posted to Reddit Tuesday, pulling in a few thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments. One commenter recognized the tunnel as the one from a parking garage to Pracna in Minneapolis.

"She was looking at the bear all confused. Then, she looked up and saw my buddy in a wife beater shirt, in a parking garage at like 1 a.m. and thought he was some kind of serial killer," the user who put it on Reddit later wrote.

Nobody had really seen it for 6 years

And apparently the Reddit post publicized the video for the first time, because it's not new.

The video was published on YouTube more than 7 years ago. June 28, 2011. Look at the view statistics through July 3:

Nothing nothing nothing nothing ... then a sudden spike in 2017.

"How did this sit unnoticed for six years?" asked one YouTuber.

We have no idea. But with 53,000-plus views, it's not unnoticed anymore.

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