Watch: Ellen surprises MN bride and the donor who saved her life

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The story of Sartell 24-year-old Greta Hokanson (formerly Perske) dancing at her wedding with 51-year-old Danny Daniels, whose bone marrow donation saved her life, struck a chord in some influential circles.

This week the pair were invited on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" to tell their story to a national audience, describing the bond that has grown between the two since Daniels, from Arkansas, saved Perske's life when she was just 15-years-old.

And Ellen had a surprise for the two of them at the end of the segment, saying they would each get everything that was given away as part of her "12 Days of Giveaways" during the show.

Their reaction is definitely worth watching in the video above.

Telling their story

Hokanson was a teenager when she was diagnosed with leukemia after going to the doctors with a sore throat. Daniels was found to be a match even though he'd forgotten he'd added himself to the register years earlier to help a military friend, who later died.

"This was 10 years ago and I totally forgot about signing up," Daniels told Ellen. "One day out of the blue I got a phone call telling me I was a match for a 15-year-old female with leukemia and asked if I wanted to donate. When I found out it was a 15-year-old girl, I mean how can you not donate."

Hokanson told the host that Daniels and his wife Angie were at the top of their wedding list but didn't expect them to travel from Arkansas for the occasion in October, so was delighted when they confirmed their attendance.

On the day, she conferred with the DJ about the best way to honor her lifesaver, and he suggested it would be fitting to have a dance with him.

"It was such a thrill," Daniels said. "I was totally honored to even have had the opportunity to get an invite for the wedding, to be able to show up was fantastic."

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