Watch: former Minnesota Vikings player delivers a knockout on 'The Voice'

Esera Tuaolo is headed to the playoffs.
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He used to wear purple, but now he sings rhythm and blues.

Former Vikings defensive tackle Esera Tuaolo has been killing it on The Voice. The 49-year-old tackled the "knockout round" (which pits two members from the same team against each other) on Monday night. 

Tuaolo and his competitor, Adam Cunningham, each got to sing a song of their choosing solo. Their coach (Blake Shelton) picked whose performance was best.

While they both impressed the judges, Tuaolo's emotional rendition of “Superstar" won Shelton's vote.

Check it out:

Tuaolo is now among the top 20 contestants who will advance to the playoffs of the 13th season of NBC's hit reality singing competition.

Could the former Viking finally bring home a win for Minnesota? As a state, we've had one victory on a modern national singing competition: Home-free. The a cappella group took first in NBC's (now-dead) show The Sing Off back in 2013.

Minnesota got close Kat Perkins in 2014, and again with Jesse Larson last year. But generally things have been about as successful as the Minnesota's male pro sports teams.

Tuaolo could change our luck – he brought home an NFC Championship ring, so he must know what it takes to win.

Okay, technically he's not from Minnesota. Tuaolo hails from Hawaii and actually spent some time with the Packers before becoming a Viking in the 1990s.

But he lives here now, and according to the Pioneer Press, he's helped shape Minnesota Legislature. In 2006, he testified against a bill that would have outlawed gay marriage. (Tuaolo shared his coming out story during his blind audition.) 

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