Watch: Galápagos tortoises celebrate 25th birthday at Como Zoo

Happy Birthday, Marco and Irwin!

Happy Birthday, Marco and Irwin.

These darling creatures are a pair of Galápagos tortoises at Como Zoo. And they just celebrated their 25th birthday.

What does a tortoise birthday party look like? Party hats and cake, duh.

The tortoises ate their cake in front of a delighted crowd on Saturday. Not just any cake – the zoo told FOX 9 it was made with delicious, healthy ingredients from the boys' diet: papaya, pear, mandarin oranges, apples, strawberries, edible flowers, pineapple, cantaloupe, cucumber, collard greens and asparagus "candles."

We're not sure which tortoise is which, but the big guy on the right is about to go HAM on the cake, when the top tier topples off.

Here's the adorable video:

Marco and Irwin are still pretty young for Galápagos tortoises. The zoo says the reptiles can live to be 150 – the oldest on record lived to be 152.

Apparently their frequent, long naps, (nearly 16 hours per day!) slow metabolism, and large, internal stores of water (they can survive for a year without drinking!) are the secret to the fountain of youth.

National Geographic teases that it's possible (but maybe unlikely) that among the 15,000 or so giant tortoises left on the Galápagos Islands, "there exists an old-timer that was a hatchling at the time of Charles Darwin's famous visit in 1835."

One last fun, kind of weird fact: In the wild, the tortoises have a kindred relationship with mockingbirds. Como Zoo says the tortoises will stretch out and leave their legs and necks exposed so that the birds can eat ticks off their bodies.

Learn more about the species and conservation efforts here.

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