Watch: Hippo Campus embrace winter in 'Way It Goes' video

The St. Paul band takes a cabin trip to Wisconsin.

For those who've chased away winter blues with friends at a cabin from time to time, the latest Hippo Campus music video is a warm reminder.

The St. Paul-bred indie rock quartet is gearing up for the release of their debut album Landmark in late February on national indie label Grand Jury, and "Way It Goes" marks their second video for the album, following "Boyish," which dropped at the end of October.

In contrast to their Wes Anderson-esque quirks of their "Boyish" video, "Way It Goes" is a wholesome slice of midwestern life, following the Hippo Campus boys and few of their friends on a trip up to a well-appointed lake house in Cumberland, Wisconsin.

The band goofs around with acoustic guitars before heading out on a nighttime journey into the woods to throw a snowball fight around a suspiciously well-lit tree.

Hippo Campus is preparing to embark on tour behind Landmark that will take them all the way to the U.K., with a Minneapolis stop on March 11-12 at First Avenue.

FYI: The guys are scheduled to perform at our coworkers' Go Garage on February 9. Listen to Go 96.3 for your chance to win access to the intimate show.

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