Watch: Jimmy Fallon stops in on a Champlin family for some tater tot hotdish

Was the Salzer family excited? You betcha!

Jimmy Fallon said he wanted a Minnesota family to cook dinner for him, and naturally he got hotdish.

The Tonight Show host had asked families to pitch their special Minnesota recipes and tell him why he should come to their house ahead of his post-Super Bowl show on Sunday.

The winners were the Salzers of Champlin, who were shocked as they opened the door to Fallon and his camera crew.

You can watch the video here – their reactions are pretty awesome.

He was invited into their living room for a chat before dinner was served, with Fallon offered a Hefeweizen beer from nearby 10K Brewing in Anoka.

The Salzers won him over with their email pitch and recipe suggestion which, obviously, was tater tot hotdish (we called it) and some grandma's goulash.

In the ensuing conversation and hotdish eating, Fallon revealed:

– He'd never heard of hotdish.

– He had a Juicy Lucy at the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis.

– He also had a Grain Belt while he was there.

– He'd been hanging out with Kevin Hart (who's also in town) and is impressed by The Orpheum Theatre.

Fallon left them with some goody bags and tickets to his Sunday show..

And ever the polite hosts, the Salzers also had a gift bag for him (but how...if they didn't know he was coming?)

It included books for his daughters (including "The Story of Paul Bunyan"), a hotdish cloth for his wife and a baseball cap for Jimmy.

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