Watch: John Williams greets pair playing 'Star Wars' outside his home

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The Force was with these two musicians, who enticed movie composing great John Williams out of his home by playing arguably his most famous theme tune.

Flugelhorn player Michael Miller and 13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi stood outside Williams' Los Angeles home and performed a rousing rendition of the "Star Wars" theme.

About half way through, a head popped out of the door much to the delight of the woman holding the camera.

The 84-year-old maestro waited until the pair had finished the movement before coming out to greet the visibly excited duo.

Williams needs little introduction; as well as "Star Wars" he composed multiple movie scores now deeply ingrained in popular culture, including "Indiana Jones," "Jaws," "Superman," "E.T.," "Jurassic Park," Harry Potter," and "Home Alone."

"It was fantastic," he said to the musical duo as he went over and shook Hayashi's hand.

What a legend.

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