Watch: SNL imagines how that controversial Pepsi ad was made

"I know, right. It was like completely my idea and now they're doing it."

Earlier this week, Pepsi launched – and subsequently, apologized for – a commercial that critics tore apart for being "tone-deaf," commercializing protests, and trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement.

The backlash was fast and painful for Pepsi, and it had many Americans wondering – how the heck did this thing get made?

Of course, Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to fill in the blanks with a hilarious "behind the scenes" sketch that imagines how the controversial ad came to be.

Cast member Beck Bennett plays the commercial's writer and director, who has some troubling, last-minute doubts about his vision after making a phone call to his sister. Cecily Strong fills in as Kendall Jenner.

Check it out:

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