Watch: Snowy owl is rescued after getting trapped in Duluth coffee roaster's equipment

This was not a normal Wednesday for Alafek Coffee Roasters.

What belongs in a chaff collector? The leftover dried husk of a coffee bean, which comes off during roasting.

What doesn't belong in a chaff collector? A snowy owl.

Yet that's exactly what an employee at Alafek Coffee Roasters in Duluth found this week – a trapped snowy owl.

Both WDIO and the Duluth news Tribune spoke with Ezra Bennett, the worker who heard the odd pattering and was shocked to discover the bird inside the equipment.

They called Wildwoods (the Duluth wildlife rehabilitation center), which sent someone over to rescue the raptor.

Here's video of the owl – now named Mocha, Wildwoods says – being brought out ot the machine, uploaded by YouTuber Evil Jeffy.

Snowy owls don't permanently live in Minnesota – they make their home up in the Arctic tundra. But they will head down to northern Minnesota during winters to hunt mice, rabbits and other small creatures, the DNR says.

How many come to Minnesota varies by the year. Sometimes we get a lot, sometimes we get few, the DNR adds. 

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