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Watching JT but gotta pee? Fargodome bathroom switch may be the key


If you're a music fan in the Red River Valley and your favorite act comes to the Fargodome, you've gotta go.

But sometimes when you're at the show you've gotta go, too. And waiting in line at the women's room might cause a gal to miss half a concert.

Staff at the Dome have a plan to make things flow a little more easily during Friday's Justin Timberlake show, though. The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports some of the bathrooms normally used by men will instead become women's rooms.

Initially, at least. "We'll watch it accordingly," Fargodome general manager Rob Sobolik tells the Forum.

The newspaper says the building has 26 restrooms, 13 for each gender. But at last month's concert by Pink, lines for the women's bathrooms were so long that some ducked into unoccupied stalls in men's rooms.

Now Sobolik says four men's rooms will start the Timberlake show as women's rooms. But staff will also be keeping an eye on the gender breakdown of the crowd. Clearly, it's a fluid situation.

Just after the Pink concert, Katy Perry announced plans to come to the Fargodome this summer. Even then, Sobolik intimated that a restroom switch might be in the works.

It's been a year since Fargodome officials announced preliminary plans for a $15 million expansion. Maybe that will help relieve the pent-up demand for more women's rooms. But, as some of the Pink fans in the Red River Valley can attest, the waiting is the hardest part.

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