Colbert hammers WCCO reporter's cold weather experiment

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The temperatures in Minnesota are so cold that a news report from WCCO was featured Wednesday night on the hit Comedy Central show "The Colbert Report."

Show host Stephen Colbert set up a clip featuring WCCO reporter Rachel Slavik with a bit of his trademark sarcasm, saying, "Americans can't comprehend that it's cold outside from abstract concepts like temperatures and 'seasons.' That's why they don't just tell, they show."

In the clip, Slavik demonstrates how daunting the cold temperatures are outside by hammering a nail into a piece of wood with a frozen banana.

"Oh, it's cold – it's cold outside, now I understand," Colbert cracked.

Slavik has a good sense of humor about it, telling City Pages, "I just laughed -- I think it's great. My initial reaction was to be embarrassed, but it's awesome at the same time."

Addressing viewers on Slavik's light-hearted experiment, "WCCO This Morning" show co-host Jason DeRusha said, "Here's the thing: (The report) is an easy target because it's ridiculous. You guys know that we know that it's ridiculous."

WCCO meteorologist Mike Augustyniak also defended the experiment, saying, "There's 11 days in a row of this stuff (the cold temperatures). By day five you gotta do something new to make it interesting."

If you're thinking of using a frozen banana to finish up some outdoor projects yourself, you may be out of time.

The Star Tribune's Paul Douglas says the "Minnesota heat wave" is in progress, with a high Thursday in the Twin Cities metro area of 16 degrees. He also notes the high Friday will be 33 degrees and will dip to 28 Saturday before it reaches 32 degrees on Sunday.

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