We are about to reach Pronto Pup No. 25 million at the State Fair

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We are reaching a historic milestone in Minnesota history.

The 25 millionth Pronto Pup will be sold at the State Fair Friday – that's right, 25 million of the 6-inch, flour-battered, deep-fried hot dogs.

The State Fair is doing a photo opp thing at about 3 p.m., but we were curious about what exactly that means in terms of numbers. So we did a little fun math to put today's history into context.

That's how many Pronto Pups a day?

The Pronto Pup was introduced in 1947, so this is the 70th Minnesota State Fair they've been available.

Let's do some math: 69 full years of the fair, multiplied by 12 days a year is 828 Fair days. Then we need to add 8.5 days for the 2016 fair.

Add those together, and we discover it took 836.5 days of the State Fair to reach 25 million Pronto Pups sold.

That's an average of 29,886 Pronto Pups each day.

Hey, batter batter!

All those Pronto Pups of course require batter.

The State Fair says vendors go through about 70 tons of batter (aka 140,000 pounds) for Pronto Pups every year.

And calories

WCCO has said there are 350 calories in a Pronto Pup – including 18 grams of fat, and 6 grams of saturated fat.

So if we do the math – people have bought (and, we're assuming, consumed) 8.75 billion calories' worth of Pronto Pups since 1947.

Or we can look at it another way: If about 29,886 Pronto Pups are sold each day, that's an average of 10,453,100 Pronto Pup calories every day of the the State Fair.

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