We Went There: St. Paul's new food truck hall is like an indoor campground

There's rattlesnake and a 20-pound ice cream treat on the menu.

St. Paul welcomed a new road trip-inspired restaurant last month and we went to check it out. 

When we got to Seventh Street Truck Park, we asked Chief Operating Officer Brian Ingram how he describes the airy, truck-filled space next door to New Bohemia (which is under the same company). He simply said it's a "food truck food hall." 

Ingram went on to explain the food hall only has about 10 menu items – made and served on the vintage food trucks, of course. But they add a twist to classic foods and really strive for quality. 

He brought out a few items for GoMN to try, and it was all very impressive. Plus the portion sizes are incredible – there are biscuits and pizza slices bigger than your face. It only makes sense considering this is the place that has 20-pound ice cream sandwiches. 

Yes, some pizza has rattlesnake on it. But we tried it and it's good. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Watch the video above for an inside peak. For hours and location, click here.

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