Wear extra layers under your costume – it's going to be cold for trick-or-treating

The forecast has it being the coldest Halloween in 11 years.

We're in for one of the coldest Halloweens in more than a decade. But hey, at least it probably won't snow? 

The forecast has much of the state being in the 30s Tuesday, but throw an extra layer on under your costume if you're going trick-or-treating because temperatures will drop into the high 20s and mid-30s by 5 p.m. 

And here's how cold it'll be by 8 p.m. around the state: 

The last time it was this cold in the Twin Cities on Halloween was back in 2006, when the high was 36 degrees, the Minnesota DNR says. But it won't be the coldest Halloween on record – 1873 has that title, when the high was 26 degrees. 

Typically, the high temp in the metro area for Halloween is in the 40s and 50s, with the Minnesota DNR noting it's more common for the high on Oct. 31 to be in the 60s than in the 30s. 

Meanwhile, the normal high temperature for Duluth on Halloween is 40 degrees, the National Weather Service in Duluth tweeted

The good news is the forecast is only calling for cloudy skies and light wind, so you won't have to worry about any more snow or wind blowing you over while you're out trick-or-treating. 

However, the chance for rain and or snow returns Wednesday and again on Friday night, the National Weather Service says

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