Weather service warns of 'extremely cold wind chills' on Super Bowl Sunday

Thursday gave a taste of what's to come.

You may have noticed that Thursday was seriously cold in the Twin Cities.

Ok not as cold as the 20 below air temps and 40 below wind chills we had last month, but definitely cold enough to require scrambles between heated buildings.

It's certainly made things interesting from out-of-towners spending time in the Twin Cities ahead of the Super Bowl – and their experience might not get much better over the next few days.


– The Washington Post is determined to p*ss off Minnesota, because it can't handle snow.

The National Weather Service has taken the step of issuing a "Special Weather Statement" on Thursday, aimed at those out and about on Super Bowl Sunday.

That's because wind chills in the Twin Cities will feel like 10 below, putting people at risk of frostbite if they're not bundled up.

"Bitterly cold air and the wind will result in wind chill temperatures below -10F for most of Saturday night through Sunday night," the weather service said.

Before the "stupid cold" returns on Sunday, we can expect to see snow again in the Twin Cities, with 1-3 inches possible in the metro area.

It's clear that some of those who have already made the trip to Minneapolis are not completely happy with the weather.

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