Web Catch: Adorable preschooler shows us all – it's OK to miss your mom

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As KTLA reports, 4-year-old Andrew Macias was having a fine first day of pre-kindergarten.

That is until reporter Courtney Friel started asking the hard-hitting questions.

"Are you going to miss your mom?" she asked.

Andrew responded with a firm, confident "no" – before breaking into tears.

Thankfully, the station reports that the little guy got a big hug from mom off-camera. You can check out the full video – viewed more than 2 million times in six hours – at the link above.

We'd like to tell Andrew that everything will be just fine (and also that it's OK to miss your mom). As one commenter aptly noted, "when it's his time to go to college, his mommy will do the same thing."

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