Web Catch: Campaign logos unleashed on the Internet; Internet responds


This past week delivered not one but two long-expected declarations from presidential hopefuls.

Hillary Clinton made the first move. The former secretary of state and senator announced her bid for the 2016 election in a video on Sunday afternoon.

On the other side of the political aisle, Republican Senator Marco Rubio tossed his hat in the ring as well, according to Business Insider.

Bundled with both campaigning contenders were their respective campaign logos – and as it turns out, the internet had plenty to say.

Let's start with the Clinton campaign.

Clear, crisp, simple. What's not to like?

Plenty, according to Twitter:

(We'll be right back, we suddenly have an urge to listen to Pearl Jam while wearing Tevas.)

The truth comes out:

Perhaps the most amusing was freelance designer Rick Wolff's response, who can add 'Creator of #Hillvetica' to his LinkedIn profile:

Let's move on to Rubio's logo.

This person certainly approves:

... but then there's the whole 'Where's Hawaii? What about Alaska?' issue.

And finally, some people noted its place in the art world.

Whatever their political standing, thousands of Americans were brought together this week in response to two logos with Pennsylvania Avenue aspirations.

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