Web Catch: Do you recognize her? Mystery woman prompts international search



On February 1, a woman (pictured above) was found by firefighters in southern California. She was unable to recall her own identity; those who located her say her accent is "most likely from Australia," providing a vague clue in a mysterious chain of events.

Since that date, her face has been shared around the world.

A Facebook page dedicated to reuniting the woman with her family presently refers to her as "Sam." According to the above post, Sam was rushed to the hospital in February where she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The associated tumor is thought to have caused retrograde amnesia.

She has a few memories, most of which are from coastal regions in Australia and Hawaii.

Yahoo! News Australia reports that U.S. authorities are working in cooperation with Interpol and Australian consular officials to recover the woman's identity.

Although there have been no confirmed leads at this time, the above post has been shared nearly 70,000 times in seven days.

Managers of Sam's Facebook page say they are currently investigating the yearbook image below.


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