Web Catch: Famous gorilla falls in love with, and then adopts, two kittens

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Prepare to smile, or cry, or both.

There is so much adorable about The Gorilla Foundation's latest video of Koko, the world famous gorilla who can speak more than 1,000 words in sign language.

The foundation notes that Koko loves babies and cats – and since she can't have babies of her own, her family is instead made up of cats.

After her last cat, Smokey, died (at the age of 18), the 44-year-old gorilla was given the choice of some new family members to adopt – hence the box of kittens featured in the video. He picked two to adopt, with the rest taken in by human families.

The Huffington Post notes that such is her affinity with the cats, when one of her previous kittens died after escaping the cage, Koko grieved by using the signs for "cry," "frown," "sad," and "trouble."

You can read more about Koko here.

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