Web Catch: Little boy and gorilla 'toddler' perfect the art of hide-and-seek

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As Today reports, 2-year-old Isaiah Chute met a 2-year-old gorilla named Kamoli on a trip to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio.

The playful pair became fast friends, as Isaiah's mom Sherry and Kamoli's mom looked on.

The exchange began when Chute asked her son, "What do the gorillas do?" Isaiah began beating his chest, at which point he caught the attention of Kamoli, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Five minutes later, the game of hide-and-seek – like all good things – came to an end. With a parting wave, Isaiah said "bye gorilla" and Komali returned to his gorilla playmates in the enclosure.

Watch the full video above.

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