Web Catch: Long-lost film shows parachuting beavers


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This video – a film, actually – comes from the 1950s, when game wardens in Idaho decided to relocate beavers that were destroying private property in developed areas.

They decided to move the animals to the Idaho backcountry, but the area was difficult to access. So they came up with a way to drop the beavers into their new home by parachute.

Apparently people in Idaho have talked about the beaver parachute program for years. But the film that documented the project had gone missing until just recently, when a historian with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game found it, according to the Washington Post.

The film, called "Fur for the Future," was digitized and released online this week, and has sparked renewed interest in Idaho's parachuting beavers.

For the record, Idaho wildlife officials still trap and relocate "problem beavers," but they don't use parachutes anymore.

Watch a two-minute excerpt of the film above, or see the entire 14-minute film here.

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