Web Catch: Parents tell kids they ate their Halloween candy, ruin Halloween


It's become something of a time-honored tradition.

Every Nov. 1, desperate pleas can be heard from households across America. The reason behind the cries? An annual ploy by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that encourages parents to tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy.

It's the fifth year of the installment, and Kimmel himself is pleasantly surprised that the bit still works. "We never seem to run out of participants for this," he said. "Every year I think kids are going to know."

(The plan didn't work on everyone. Jump to the 4:49 mark to see a pair of supersleuths who are clearly unfazed by mom and dad's trickery. "That is totally Jimmy Kimmel-related and I'm not buying it," says one of the boys. "Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel.")

The late-night host says the show received a record number of recorded mini-meltdowns this year. For your viewing enjoyment, they've compiled "the best of the best" in the video above.

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