Web catch: People are upset about this Super Bowl ad starring a cute puppy



A Super Bowl ad featuring an adorable puppy trying to find its way home got pulled this week after getting backlash from animal lovers.

The GoDaddy commercial (watch it above) ends with the puppy finally making it home – but he's then quickly sold on a website the owner built using GoDaddy.

The ad prompted a wave of criticism from dog advocates. People sent tweets using the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy and a change.org petition to pull the ad got thousands of signatures in just a few hours.

GoDaddy did pull the ad from the upcoming Super Bowl and in a statement the company made sure to mention it got Buddy from a "reputable and loving breeder in California" and was adopted permanently by one of its employees.

Does the ad remind you of anything? It seems to be a play off Budweiser's "Puppy Love" ad from last year.

What do you think – funny, or did the ad go too far?

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