Web Catch: People get 'hoverboards' for Christmas ... falls follow

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The phrase "practice makes perfect" needs to be applied this Christmas to anyone who found a hoverboard under the tree.

The electric scooters are among the most popular present given this year, but the joy was shortlived for some gift-getters this year as their new toy led swiftly to a fall to the floor.

Here are some videos of hoverboard falls that have been making the rounds on social media – which hopefully had a less serious result than those described in the tweets above. (Warning: Some feature swearing).

Merry Christmas everyone #hoverboard #christmas

A video posted by ReeceMcEwan (@reecemcewan_) on Dec 25, 2015 at 2:50am PST

MLB star Dan Uggla had perhaps the most high-profile fall, taking this spill while at the park as he listened to Justin Bieber.

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