Web Catch: Shaq down! Former NBA star trips on TV, memes ensue


We've got to hand it to Shaquille O'Neal – the man knows how to laugh at himself.

The former NBA star took a Shaq-sized tumble during "Inside the NBA"on Wednesday night. The collateral damage included a size-22 shoe that departed from its place on O'Neal's foot, part of the TNT show's set and – just maybe – a little bit of pride.

The Internet responded appropriately to the spectacular spill, and within hours social media was flooded with reactionary memes and videos. Apparently O'Neal finds the memes as funny as everyone else does, as he is offering $500 cash to the meme he deems best.

Here's a look at some of the current contenders:

Of course, the spill would not be complete without the appropriate soundtrack. Timber!

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