Web Catch: At 6 miles per hour, police escort helps lost elderly woman


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Police dispatchers in Lynden, Washington, were inundated with phone calls last Tuesday. Reports of a slow-speed chase – to the tune of 6 mph – were flooding the lines.

The sight: a Washington State Patrol vehicle in hot pursuit of an elderly woman on a motorized scooter, according to KOMO News.

The story behind the pursuit proves that things aren't always what they seem.

"I wasn't trying to stop her. I wasn't trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home," said Trooper Dave Hintz of the Washington State Patrol.

The woman was returning from a trip to Lynden when she got lost, veering nearly four miles away from home. Hintz, concerned for the woman's safety on the busy roadway, became her unlikely traveling companion for the next 70 minutes.

"I just treated her the way I would've wanted somebody to treat my mom."

Watch the full story above.

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