Web Catch: Son gives parents emotional surprise on 50th wedding anniversary


Redditor NRay7882 knew he wanted to do something special for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

The couple had dreamed of making a trip to Hawaii, but financial limitations prevented their dream from becoming a reality, with the man saying in a comment on Reddit, "My mother had told me this was not going to happen in her lifetime."

That was when he decided to prove her wrong.

He surprised his unsuspecting parents with an all-expenses-paid 12-day trip to Hawaii, complete with a planned itinerary.

"My mother did the best she could her entire life to provide for my sister and I and give me the opportunities in life that I wanted," he said. "Even though I feel I owe them both so much more, I felt this was a good way of saying thank you."

Watch the emotional surprise above.

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