Web Catch: SunnyD's new ad releases a solar flare of '90s nostalgia


If you've ever wondered what happened to the delightfully daffy, SunnyD-guzzling kids from the orange-flavored drink's '90s commercial, wonder no more. (If you've actually wondered this, we sympathize.)

Two decades later, Sunny Delight has released a spot-on parody of its earlier advertising.

The commercial was released by ad agency Grenadier, who hopes the 45-second spot will rollerblade directly into people's nostalgic hearts.

"For people who grew up with that spot—who are now millennial parents or a little older—it's a great way to give them a fun touchstone to that time that they can now share and pass on to their kids," Grenadier partner Rob Hofferman tells Adweek.

Watch above as the aged – but still thirsty – crew blades through suburbia and into Mrs. B's kitchen.

Bonus: If you're craving the original flavor, check out the spot below.*

*Word to the wise – avoid the purple stuff.

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