Web Catch: The social experiment about love that's getting lots of love


A public service announcement about diversity and inclusion is getting a lot of positive attention on the Internet.

The 3-minute video from Love Has No Labels, uploaded to YouTube by the AdCouncil, has been watched over 1.5 million since being posted Tuesday.

The video, which was filmed on Valentine's Day in California, features an audience who is shown skeletons who are kissing, hugging and dancing on a giant digital X-ray screen, Mashable says. Then, those skeletons emerge from behind the screen, showing the audience their differences – some are gay, others are of different races or religions.

It's all part of the Love Has No Labels campaign, which works to challenge people to see their bias and prejudice, and work to stop it, according to its website.

And with the million or so views on the video, and thousands of shares via different Facebook pages, it is getting mostly positive attention, with just a handful of critics commenting on media outlet Facebook pages like Mashable and Upworthy saying they don't support the message.

One person commented on the YouTube video saying, "This video is kind of racist, not once did I see a White man/white woman couple. Disliked."

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