Web Catch: Two brothers rescued a bald eagle and took this awesome selfie



Before you get too excited and declare the above photo "the most American thing to ever happen," the men in the impressive selfie are Canadian.

They're brothers, actually, and the pair was grouse hunting near Windy Lake in Ontario, The Sudbury Star reports.

The bald eagle was stuck in a trap when Michael and Neil Fletcher came along. They considered calling the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, but decided the bird was in need of immediate help.

"Me and my brother just kind of held onto it, and it calmed right down," Michael told the station.

The videos below show the initial rescue – and the moment when Neil releases the eagle.



As Michael told Buzzfeed, it was Neil's idea to take a photo before setting the bird free.

"Everybody thinks it's like the selfie of the year."

We won't disagree.

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