Web Catch: Woman walks into Colorado police station, asks to hug officer


It was the hug that launched two thousand shares.

As the story goes, a woman named Mary was "extremely upset" by the recent loss of police officers across the country. In a display of gratitude for their service, she arrived at a Colorado police station to offer a hug to one lucky officer.

After the Arvada Police Department shared the above images on their

">Facebook page, the post quickly made its way around the Internet.

But if you ask Mary, 83, she doesn't understand what all the hype is about.

"I don't know why I did that," Mary tells 9News. "I honestly don't know why I did it."

She says she lives nearby, and for years she's walked to or by the police station. On Monday, she decided to walk inside.

"I thanked him and the police people for the job they do and how much I appreciated them, and I walked home," Mary said.

You can see her full interview with 9News in the video below.

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